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Cursos de la profe: Passionate about Jamie Cullum

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Jamie Cullum is a jazz, blues, pop, English singer, pianist and songwriter. He's married Sophie Dahl, Roald Dahl's granddaughter. And I'm very fond of his music since I discovered him in 2004.

He became very popular when he wrote and sang the main theme of "Bridget Jone's Diary" film, "Everlasting love". By the way, he has said several times that he doesn't feel very proud of having done it. Even though, I'm sure he made a lot of money...

Besides, he has composed "Everything you didn't do", the song of a spot for San Miguel beer. Probably you remember it.

Nevertheless, I'm not only passionate about him for all those famous songs, but for others like those he composed for "Gran Torino" movie. This song moves me. I love his versions of classical jazz or blues themes, like "Fever" or "I have a kick out of you" or "Love for $ale".  I usually use the last one in my classes to make a narrative activity.

But above all, I learn a lot every week when I listen to him on BBC Radio 2. He has discovered me many artists as Gregory Porter, Zaz, Nikita Mbula or Sufjan Stevens.

And that's the reason why he drives me crazy!!

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  1. Dolores has sent you a comment:
    I've been listening to Jamie Cullum and I've loved it. If you like jazz and you have a some time I invite you listen to a song by Henri Salvador.

    I lend you a link of one of my favorite albums "Chambre avec vue"


    1. Thank you, Dolores! I've really enjoyed! Jazz in French, wow!!
      I'll investigate about him.

      I'm glad that you enjoyed Jamie Cullum too.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. He is amazing! Now I am following him in soundcloud because of you. Thank you, Isabell, for share your interesting passion.

    1. Thank you, Nuria, for your comment!

      I'm glad you like him too! It's a completly showman! Have a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwYmxaO-cd8

      You'll love it!!

  3. I've listened to him once or twice. In my opinion, his voice has such a special colour and his music is very interesting. I hope to listen to him more this summer.

    1. Obviously, you catch many aspects I don't, Sara, but you're right...his voice is...marvellous.

      Have a look to this link, he's jamming a Rihanna's song at Circo Price 3 years ago. I went to that concert and it was gorgeous!!